Inflammation & Colon Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It is estimated that more than one million Americans suffer from Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the most common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Inflammation in the digestive tract causes severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. IBD sufferers often experience a series of complications that affect the body beyond the intestinal tract. They can develop severe arthritis, liver disease, eye inflammation, kidney stones, gallstones, and mouth ulcers that prohibit swallowing or eating.

The most important treatment for IBD is to suppress intestinal inflammation and immune responses. Many of the current anti-inflammatory drugs are known to cause serious side effects. Given the length of time that IBD sufferers need the treatment, they are susceptible to long-term complications from their medications.

Inflammation Increases the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum) is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Chronic inflammation plays a significant role in the development of colon cancer. Inflammation contributes to cancer initiation by promoting oxidative damage, DNA mutation, and cell transformation.

Inflammation also plays a key role in tumor promotion and progression. Inflammatory mediators act as a tumor promoter, stimulating the proliferation of both untransformed and tumor cells. Tumor cells also amplify inflammatory responses by attracting inflammatory cells to infiltrate the tumor. This vicious cycle leads to tissue disruption and metastasis. In fact, cancer patients rarely die of primary cancer, but almost always die of the metastasis.

The importance of inflammation in cancer progression has already led to clinical trials of anti-inflammatory cancer therapies. It is suggested that anti-inflammatory drugs would prevent premalignant cells from turning fully cancerous or would impede an existing tumor from spreading to distant sites in the body.

The results from clinical studies using Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) show that people who regularly take NSAIDs have a lower risk of developing cancer than people who don’t take the drugs. But the efficacy of NSAIDs for cancer treatment is not ideal. These drugs have serious side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers, as well as increased risks of heart attack and stroke.

FlameEz Remedies Relieve Inflammation without Side Effects

Alternatively, anti-inflammatory herbal remedies, used for centuries to treat various chronic inflammatory conditions, may supplement conventional treatments. FlameEz-Colon is a patent pending natural remedy formulated to deliver optimal relief of inflammatory stress that causes irreparable tissue damage. The active ingredients of FlameEz-Colon work synergistically to balance immune responses and cool inflammatory activities. The formula works as a powerful total body cleanser to remove toxic substances, i.e., inflammatory cells and their metabolites and debris. After inflammation is cleared, the damaged tissue can then begin to re-establish a healthy microenvironment that is detrimental to the growth of bowel pathogens.

Just how being overweight could be managed with drugs sibutramine

Happen to be a fact to consider which stated that nearly 95 percent of patients or each and every nine out of ten patients living with at least one or more times with a factor threat to the development of cardiovascular disease cycle in many of their lives. Hazards have been identified using, for example tobacco, with an overweight or obese, the chance of physical activity, not enough consumption of vegetables and fresh fruit, high alcohol consumption, hypertension or large pressure vessels and also when the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream is fantastic.

With regard to risk factors with overweight is as perilous as one, because it can be a party for quite a few diseases. This can be a very serious situation in itself, but also could enhance the threat of acquiring a large amount of circumstances that are considered harmful to exist and which may cause a lot of difficulties in well- being.

As a result, carrying excessive weight can trigger conditions such as heart disease, it could be a trigger for such cancers, diabetes, as indicated above it is known to stress improved blood with the obstructive sleep apnea at night. A few other diseases can also contain pain, operating out of breath, increased stout physics and many others. So what are the methods for calculating risk that is connected to overweight or overweight. The first 1 is known as a body mass index or BMI. The 1 second is the size of the stomach and the latter perhaps the dangers that are associated with overweight. So are we threatened?

Body mass index is a sign of how much stout a person has, and getting high body stout can probably compensate for the development of a variety of diseases as was pointed out, and yet, several things must be taken into factor if you measure your self up. It may overestimate the natural stout in athletes in sports, as they often have the muscles to develop. He can not ignore the body stout in older patients because they usually lose to strengthen the muscles. Although common tool is honestly accurate, so use it to learn about your stout percentage. There are drugs that are also called weight loss supplements or weight loss supplements, which can reduce the stout percentage in our physical and also remove the desire for food, who would then translate into a reduction weight together. One of these medical treatments are called drug sibutramine, and it can be treated properly known and verified offered for those whose BMI is higher than in 30. Dimensions

stomach is a warning of more in relation to the calculation of the stomach stout, which can be set off to get a disease of the cardiovascular system. Exactly what you have to do to measure up would be to place a strip of calculating the extent of the navel is. In general, if the size of your belly is larger than 88 inches for women and a hundred men, then you might be at risk for the development of a cardiovascular disease in the future. Even the dimensions of your waistline could be the largest pitfalls are.

Do not forget, that should go directly into an obese category, even place a small amount of excess weight will reduce your risk of getting sick. Make sure you just get a doctor to suggest, as weight problems are treatable, if appropriate actions are completed.

Where to Buy Stevia and How to Get a Regular Supply of Your Sweetener

Are you confused about the Stevia where to buy it from? This highly effective sugar substitute is growing in popularity all over the world. Increasing numbers of people are realizing that this item has none of the disadvantages of regular artificial sweeteners. In fact, it is more effective because it also packs a big health punch.

The problem is that you might not know where to buy this product from because it is not yet well known in certain parts of the world. For instance, it took the USFDA many years to approve the use of this product as an herbal nutritional supplement. As a result, there was a lot of skepticism about the benefits of using this product in place of sugar.

One place that you will certainly find products containing Stevia is a health food store. You are also certain to find it in the health food section of a regular department store. You will be glad to know that you’ll no longer need to worry about where to buy Stevia and whether it is easily available. The growing awareness about the health benefits it offers ensures that this substance is always available on store shelves.

Stevia is now going mainstream because customers are beginning to make informed decisions regarding the brand of sweetener they consume. As a result, you might even find it near popular brands of artificial sweeteners on many store shelves.

You will also be able to buy this item from online stores. There are many companies that sell this product online at very affordable prices. A little bit of research will enable you to buy the exact kind of sweetener that meets your needs. You’ll find that the products offered by some companies are better than those offered by others.

The advantage of buying Stevia (or indeed any product) online is that you can place an order from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to schedule a trip to the store if you see that your stock is dwindling. Be sure to deal with a company that offers you a secure shopping experience on the internet.

Now that you know where to buy it from you can always have it handy whenever you need to sweeten a food or beverage. In fact, you can indulge your sweet tooth to your heart’s content without worrying about any side effects such as diabetes and weight gain.

March Madness Workout

I always love this holiday simply because its surrounded by happiness. There’s no stress, no worries…well, maybe that has more to do with the green beer that’s flowing rather than the holiday itself…but still! Plus I love seeing pictures of the Chicago River in all its green glory – one day I actually want to see it in person!

The only bummer is that I’m always reminded the morning of that I hardly have any green clothing and I realized today that Henry is in the same boat! His drawers are full of blue, but hardly any green. I had to dig deep to find something for him to wear:

Unfortunately, I also woke up to a sick child…

When I picked Henry up around 5am this morning, I could immediately tell that he had a fever. The sniffling and mucus only added to my certainty. Poor guy! But just like other times he’s been sick, he’s still his smiling self. And the one up side of him being under the weather is I get some extra snuggles.

Luckily, it seems that the Tylenol is helping with the fever so hopefully he’ll be back to his crazy self in no time! Since he doesn’t have much green on, let’s just say the extra mucus he’s sportin’ all day is for festive purposes.

We’re also dealing with some new teeth coming in…If you look closely, you can see #5!

Its been hard to tell if any are breaking through in the back because he’s set up an effective zone defense with those front four whenever I try to feel around. I imagine that will only continue since he’s now added another to their ranks.

March Madness Workout

I came across the fun March Madness themed workout yesterday, and wanted to share it in case any of you follow the tournament or need some motivation to do so. Each team in the tournament has been assigned a body weight exercise that you need to perform for an allotted time whenever they are playing. For each game that’s being played, you will perform the two assigned exercises for those teams as a superset for three total sets. It sounds easy at first, but don’t forget that early on there are a lot of games being played at the same time. As you get deeper into the bracket the number of exercises will decrease, but the time performed will get longer.


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1) What did you do this past weekend/What are you doing today?

2) Have you completed a bracket? If so, who are you rooting for to win it all?

ANTM’s Whitney wins one for the full-figured girls…kinda

Did you see last night’s America’s Next Top Model? Did you? Did you? Because my girl Whitney? Totally delivered! I have to admit that I was nervous when I read Heather and Jessica’s analysis of the top three, explaining their feeling that Anya would walk away with the coveted Cover Girl contract, but as soon as Whitney survived elimination against Fatima, I had a pretty good feeling about her chances. The panel seems to relish a redemption arc and it seems like getting called first in the Top 3 elimination seems like a death knell. After all, look at the last nine seasons: Adrienne, Yoanna, Eva, Nicole, Danielle, and Saleisha were all called out in that spot and went on to win the title, while only three of the winners out of the previous nine seasons (Naima, Caridee and Jaslene) were called first in the Top 3 elimination and also took home the prize. Odds are, you get called first before the Top 2, you’re going to be drowning your sorrows with Kahlen and Joanie.

Also, I would like to point out that I predicted this outcome two months ago.

But like any cycle of the show, Season 10 is not without its controversy. Apparently, the girls were harder on that TriBeCa loft than a pack of feral monkeys, flinging food around and ruining floors, and how the production crew ruined the ceilings and also, didn’t pay the electricity bill. And just hours ago, we found out that Whitney herself is awash in controversy as well.

Leave it to my GBF Rich to have the major scoop:

“I’d call this a symbolic victory, but this is ANTM: if it’s not symbolic, it’s as good as symbolic. However, earlier this week, I received an email from a source that would like to remain nameless (and, clearly, close to my heart) that suggests this victory is super-symbolic The mystery woman writes:

‘I debated on whether to share this given my source and you may have heard this already…The source is this wonderfully chatty boy in one of my classes…who says he went to high school with Whitney. The claim is that Whitney did not try out for top model but was approached on a plane by someone from the show. She was already doing modeling as a size 2 or 4 but because she was closer to a 4 she was a little too big for the show as a regular model. They told her that if she went and gained 10-20 pounds they would definitely put her on the show as “the plus-size model”. She’s about a 6 or 8 on the show. He even showed us this picture of her when she was smaller which was from a year ago.

He also said that she was going to make the top 3. That’s why I held out from saying anything for 3 weeks. I wasn’t sure if anything was credible. But since the “top 3″ thing came through…‘”

He’s got some pretty damaging evidence supporting this claim: pictures of a much slimmer Whitney rocking a bikini. No wonder she kept talking about being a plus-size model! She was trying to convince herself that it was true. And honestly, rumors start because they make sense. And doesn’t it, given the potential drama and body issues we’ve seen this season? And Miss J’s uncharacteristically sympathetic remark about Whitney’s fakeness as a protective facade echoed almost exactly what Whitney tells the camera in her post-win confessional, which seemed a little contrived. Now, the Whitney in those photos is by no means Fatima-esque, and I doubt she could squeeze into the designer sample size 2s, but the whole controversy raises some questions. We don’t know the back story on those photos–for instance, maybe Whitney had been yo-yo dieting and these photos were taken at a low weight? But if what Rich’s insider friend says is true, then it’s not really a small victory for size acceptance. It’s just yet another girl was told that she had to change her body to fit an ideal. If she put on the weight for the competition (and therefore was needing to eat a lot of food to keep her automatic set-point from reverting back to her body’s natural weight), then this isn’t exactly a victory for the fat girls everywhere. It’s just yet another situation where a very pretty girl was told that she wasn’t quite good enough.

What do you think? Is it okay for a model to gain weight to be considered full-figured? Is it as bad as being told to lose weight in order to model Versace? Was Donnatella not shown on camera because she couldn’t stand the idea of a size 10 girl modeling her designs? The comments are stomping like they ain’t ever stomped before.

Improve Your Health With Isometric Exercise

Isometric exercise creates stronger muscles, promotes physical endurance, higher performance levels and a healthier posture. It is a form of resistance training, which speeds up rehabilitation from sports or other injuries. You can do isometric exercises anywhere and without any exercise equipment. These exercises help to teach you an awareness of your body and reduces stress.

The exercises, or resistance training, uses muscular contractions with an equal resistance force, or an immovable force, placed on the muscle for a short period of time. In this way, there is no shortening or lengthening of the muscle. The exercise is actually capable of increasing muscular development in a very short period of time.

Yoga and Pilates are based on the same concept as isometrics. Hold your body in a static neutral alignment and the force of an immovable object, or gravity, will create muscular tension.

Muscle activation techniques are simple isometric exercises. It is an effective technique for strengthening muscles and aiding injury recovery, thus preventing future sports injuries. To restore the proper balance to the musculature, the weak muscles must be re-activated. These techniques can aide in this process. The contraction should only last 6-7 seconds and be repeated 6 times. This allows for the peak tension to create changes in the muscle.

An example of an isometric exercise would be to hold a book with an outstretched arm for 7 seconds, then repeat 6 times. Once you understand the contractions, they can be incorporated into your daily life and these exercises can be used anytime, anywhere. If you do this everyday, you will feel a change in your strength and bodily awareness. Including isometric exercises into you daily workout plan will reap many benefits to your body.

Increase Your Vertical Jump

To improve your vertical jump, there are many contributing factors I could give you but in this article I’ll be covering exactly how to perform the exercises you use for vertical training.

When training for a higher vertical, it is important to monitor how you are exercising. You’ll want to do low repetitions of each exercise, and keep your weight resistance on your higher end. In the middle of each repetition it is vital to train explosively. This means at the halfway point, finish the repetition with exploding force. This helps your leg muscles gain reactive strength, which is great for increasing your vertical leap.

Develop a pattern to train exactly like this in your workouts. Training with explosiveness will lead to you gaining more reactive strength, which leads inevitably to a higher vertical leap.

About author:

My name is Eric Carter, and I’ve been involved in developing vertical jump training techniques for the past three years.

In this time, I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and information about how to jump higher. It is my goal to help others increase their vertical leap so they too can know how it feels to dunk, or achieve any jumping goals they have.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for information on how to jump higher, or sign up for my FREE two week mini training course where you will receive one lesson per day in your inbox on how to increase your vertical.

In My FREE Mini Course You’ll Learn:

  • The best exercises for increasing your vertical, and exactly how to perform them
  • The 3 major attributes crucial to any person who wants a high vertical leap
  • Exactly how to measure your current abilities in the 3 major attributes
  • Exactly how to increase your performance in the 3 major attributes, (almost literally a progress guarantee!)
  • Little known tips that will enhance your training
  • Why strength shoes, insoles, and ankle weights will actually hurt your vertical

The Basics & Beginner Yoga Workouts – Yoga Sutras

So you’re a beginner and before you go to your local gym and sign up for a yoga class or buy one of those Yoga DVD’s , you’d like see if yoga is really for you?

The simple answer, “YES it is”!

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years for the same reasons your looking at yoga. To improve physical and mental health and to enhance the quality of life.

The practice of Yoga has many ways of healing, increasing flexibility, strength, and breathing capacity. It’s widely recommended as part of a physical therapy, to condition the physical body, calm the mind and give peace to your spirit.

Before we get in to some poses and workouts for you I’d like to make sure that you are aware that yoga is not a competitive sport. You aren’t even competing with yourself. Yoga sessions will be different every time you practice, whether at home, or at a big gym. It isn’t a big deal if you aren’t as flexible today as you were yesterday, or if you’re find certain poses to be more difficult than they were last week.

Improving your strength and flexibility are part of yoga, true, but some poses are done to work on your breathing and some poses are done so as to help clear your mind and some….

Well you get the idea, if all you want is to increase your strength or to lose some weight, go hit the weights or run a few miles, you don’t need yoga

But if you are looking for more let show you a few poses and workouts:

One of the most basic poses is The Mountain Pose. It works on improving your posture and strengthening your thighs, knees and ankles as well as firming the abdomen and buttocks.

The Mountain Pose is the starting point for many other Asanas, or poses, so it’s important that you learn to do this one correctly.

Start from a standing position with your feet side by side and touching. Lift your toes off the floor and spread them out.

Make sure your weight is evenly balanced on all four corners of both feet. Draw in your quadriceps, the muscle in the top part of your leg, upwards causing your kneecaps to rise.

Slightly tighten or flex the muscles in the knees, thighs, stomach and buttocks maintaining a firm posture.

Lengthen your neck and feel as your head rises to the ceiling and your shoulder bones relax.

Someone just starting in yoga can do this pose up against the wall so you can actually feel your body getting into alignment.

Now that you have achieved the Mountain Pose stay there and lets get into the The Awkward Chair Pose.

Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel, or close to it, with the floor. Keep your rear end low and move your arms up towards the ceiling.

This should bring a slight bend in the upper back. Inhale and exhale deeply and hold the pose for 5 to 10 breaths.

Stand up and assume the Mountain Pose then repeat the Awkward Chair Pose a few more times.

A beginner should work on bringing the thighs closer and closer to being parallel to the floor. The closer to parallel, the harder the pose is, …. you’ll see what I mean.

Another popular pose, commonly referred to as a back bend, is the Bridge Pose.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent. Move your feet up to you butt, while keeping the soles of the feet on your mat.

Interlace the fingers behind your back, the lower part of your back, and straighten your arms as you are pushing them down into the mat and raise your hips towards the ceiling.

Once you have done this, roll one shoulder and then the other lifting your hips higher each time.

Lower yourself so that you are lying flat on your back again.

Repeat a few times.

The Boat Pose is a seated pose that will help with abdominal strength, by strengthening the abdomen, hip flexors, and spine

Begin in a seated position with your legs straight in front of you. Press your hands on the floor a little behind your hips, fingers pointing toward the feet, and strengthen the arms.

Bring your legs up to a 45-degree angle and lean back slightly . This makes a “V” shape with your pointing in on direction, your butt being on the ground and you feet pointing opposite of your head. As you do this make sure your back doesn’t round; concentrate on keeping your chest strait.

Bring your arms alongside the legs, parallel to each other and the floor. Beginners can bend their knees if necessary, this is called the Half Boat Pose. Another option would be to leave your hands on the floor beside your hips or touching your palms to your hamstrings (the muscles behind your quadracepts).

Stay with the pose for 10-20 seconds. As you do this pose for a few weeks increase the time that you hold the pose.

Try these basic Yoga poses and workouts; you’ll probablyl find them easier than what you think and so rewarding!

When you are ready to take a yoga class at your local gym or community club house be sure to ask about the skill level, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Whom should you Trust when Buying Private Health Insurance

There are a lot of scammers out there who are out to take your money. This is especially true in the insurance market – there is stiff competition and everyone wants to make quick money. While buying a private health insurance policy, you must be able to determine whom to trust and whom to avoid.

You would like to buy the ideal private health insurance plan, so you might need to take some help. However, in todays net savvy world, everything including health insurance is available online, so you don’t need to rely on any agent or broker. Sure, some agents will work towards your best interests, while others may want just your money. But, with the internet, you can do all the research online to get all the information you need. If you find the ideal private health insurance plan that suits your needs, then you can even purchase it online.

Getting a private health insurance plan online is very easy and convenient. Numerous insurance websites offer various types of health insurance plans. You will even get several quotes from reputed health insurance providers around the country. It is also quite simple to get all health insurance related information that you might need to understand the concept. You can analyze the various quotes you get online and arrive at an informed decision to purchase a policy that is suitable to your unique situation. So, basically you need not rely on either a broker or agent to purchase your private health insurance plan. You simply shop online. Trust yourself to buy the ideal health insurance policy by only using the internet, at your own time and convenience.

Locating a Good Health Insurance Price

All of us need health insurance. Even the healthiest person is bound to fall ill occasionally and the medical bills can pile up so much so that you don’t know how to pay them off. Especially if you are uninsured, you have a huge bill to settle. Getting health insurance to match your needs is the best way to avoid the financial problems.

So what is a good health insurance price? It is subjective really. If you have a higher monthly premium payment, your deductible will be low. If you pay a lower premium, your deductible would be high. The deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance cover kicks in. A good or bad health insurance price also depends on your individual situation. What may be an ideal health insurance match for you may not necessarily be good for others.

Numerous factors need to be considered while comparing health insurance costs. The deductible, the extent of coverage, the price and the limitations all need to be taken into account for comparing various health insurance quotes. The ideal health insurance price should be a balance between all these factors. You will get health insurance cover to match what you have paid for. So higher the premium, better the coverage and vice versa. Comparing various health insurance quotes will explain the differences between the health insurance plans. You might even be able to locate an ideal policy in the shortest time by going online.