Quiznos is one of my favorite “fast food” restaurants of all time. They have the best tasting subs I’ve ever had, and even though other sub places try to replicate them by toasting their subs, it just doesn’t compare.

I’ve been to various Quiznos locations around the capital region of New York, including locations on Erie Boulevard in Schenectady, Western Avenue in Guilderland, Central Avenue in Colonie, and Altamont Avenue in Schenectady. I have also been to a few select locations in Albany, New York, as well as a few locations while on vacation in various states.

The review is pretty much the same for all the Quiznos locations I’ve been to, as all of them have been spotless when I walked in, and I always felt like I was eating at a very clean establishment. Never once have I been inside a Quiznos and worried about what I was eating, or whether or not the food was prepared correctly and safely. The subs have been delicious at every location I’ve been to as well; there just must be something about the Quiznos franchise.

            The menu at the locations are all easy to read, and simple to pick out what you want to order.

The staff has always been helpful and friendly in making the subs correctly, and helping out with selections when I went there for the first time, or bring friends who are unfamiliar with the menu.

All the subs get a good amount of meat and toppings on it, much more than you’d get on a similar sub from Subway or other restaurant. Some of my personal favorite subs include the honey mustard chicken, the Baja chicken, and the ham and cheese.

 Quiznos also offers three different sizes of subs, which is different from almost every other sub shop. They offer small subs, which are about 4-5 inches, regular subs, which are about 8 inches, and a large sub, which is a foot long sub. This is perfect, as many people aren’t full off of a 6 inch sub, but can’t eat an entire foot long sub either, so the regular size sub is usually the most popular sub size.

Quiznos also offers a variety of other foods, such as flatbreads, salads, soup, and what they call “sammies”, which are mini-wrap type meals, where you can get them for around $2. Their broccoli cheddar is my favorite soup of theirs, and it goes great with their delicious sandwiches and bread.

Overall, I would give the environment and food quality and taste a 5/5.